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The Trim Tab kit comes with all hardware, cabling, handle, trim tab and any other parts required to mount the tab to your aircraft. The trim tab will assist in making the stick forces lighter caused by a nose heavy aircraft. Aircraft equipped with larger engines or more options will benefit from this addition the most.




The Trim Tab is mounted on the right elevator. The Trim Tab Bracket and Handle Assembly are mounted to the Control Stick. The Trim Tab cable is routed on the outside of the control stick torque tube and follows the same path as the elevator Teleflex cable to the rear of the aircraft. The cable should be attached to the Teleflex cable using cable ties. Figures 2 and 3 show the routing of the cable near the horizontal stabilizer.


The trim tab itself should be mounted halfway between the right edge of the elevator and the bend in the elevator tailing edge. When mounted correctly the cable should follow just to the inboard side of the center elevator stiffener shown in Figure 2. The tab is mounted by drilling holes in the trailing edge elevator tube and pop riveting the tab to the trailing edge elevator tube. Care should be taken to be accurate in drilling the holes. Typically one hole is drilled and the tab is pop riveted using the single hole. Subsequent holes are drilled using the trim tab as a guide. Alternate methods involve marking each hole using the trim tab as a template.


The underside of the Trim Tab is shown in Figure 1.




FIGURE 1 – Underside Trim Tab


The trim cable is attached to the tab via a barrel standoff with a Ό” bolt used as the clamping mechanism. The barrel standoff is attached on the trim tab L-bracket. A nylon locknut is provided and should be used to secure the barrel standoff to the L-bracket.



FIGURE 2 – Cable Routing





FIGURE 3 – Cable Routing


The spring on the upper surface of the trim tab is important to install. This spring provides a back force against the trim tab cable and keeps the trim tab from fluttering during flight. The spring can be attached to the trim tab by using the Ό” bolt, 2 washers and nylon lock nut. Clamp the spring in between the two washers on the backside of the trim tab as is shown in Figure 4.




FIGURE 4 – Spring Clamped to Trim Tab


The spring is attached at the other end to the trailing edge of the elevator using a pop rivet as is shown in Figure 5.




FIGURE 5 – Spring Clamped to Elevator


The trim tab cable guide block is attached to the center elevator stiffener using a 3/16” pop rivet. This is shown in Figures 2 & 6.



FIGURE 6 – Side View of Trim Tab Attachment

FIGURE 7 – Trim Cable Routing


The trim tab handle is mounted to the control stick. Figures 8,9,10, 11 and 12 show the mounting setup.










FIGURE 10 – Trim Tab Lever Mounted to Control Stick




FIGURE 11 – Trim Tab Lever Mounted to Control Stick




FIGURE 12 – Rear View Trim Tab Lever Mounted to Control Stick