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In an effort to improve the braking system and lighten the Phantom the Phantom Factory is offering a new mechanical disc brake system available for use on the standard Phantom 6” Aluminum Rim and on a new lightweight and aerodynamic composite thin rim. 

This brake technology has been adapted to ultralights from Mountain Bike and Solar Powered Vehicle Racing. These exact brakes were used to stop a 900 pound solar powered vehicle from 75 mph. The brakes are well built and have been tested to be reliable in both dry and wet conditions. These brakes can hold your aircraft in place under a full power run-up. 

Those who do not have any brakes on their aircraft can buy  brake kits (Kits A & B). 

You can also buy an upgrade kit (Kit C) for those who are currently using the band brake system on the 6” aluminum rims.

The new disc brake system saves almost 15 pounds in weight if the aircraft is completely changed over from the aluminum rim band brakes to the new thin rims for the main gear and a nylon wheel for the nose gear.

To go along with the new disc brakes a new nylon fiberglass reinforced rim is available. The new composite wheel is 12.5” in diameter, 2.25” in width and weighs 2 pounds each with tubes and tire. To compare, the 6” aluminum rimmed tire is 13.25” in diameter and 4” in width and weighs 6 pounds each including tubes and tire. 

The tires and rims have been load tested up to 8.8 times the force of gravity for the 570 pound max gross weight for the Phantom. This simulated load was applied during a drop test that simulated a 1000 foot per minute descent rate into the ground. The tires never popped off of the rim and the tubes never blew at these extreme landing conditions. The thinner tire is also more aerodynamic saves a lot of weight. 

It is still recommended for those pilots who are going to land in muddy or sandy conditions that the wider aluminum rim be used. The thin wheel has been used on paved surfaces and grass strips very successfully. Its large diameter still allows good handling of bumpy runways. The short tread still allows wheel slide during crosswind landings on grass strips.