Flight Training


Flight Training is available. Phantom has been working in conjunction with Ultralight Sport Aviation of Three Rivers, Michigan to offer flight training to new pilots and general aviation pilots looking for a checkout in Ultralights. Brian Taylor is the chief flight instructor at Ultralight Sport Aviation. Brian has over 300 hours of flight training experience. Training is currently offered in many different LSA’s

Feel free to call the Phantom Factory at 269-271-4568 and setup your training time or call Ultralight Sport Aviation at 574-606-9797

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Support for Hurricane Ultralights

Over the past decade Phantom has supported replacement parts for Hurricane Aircraft. The Wings, Tail and Keel tube are identical to that of a Phantom. If you have a hard to find part lets us know we can help. We have Front Fork, Disc Brakes and other options for the Hurricanes.

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Phantom You Tube Video

For an informational video about our product visit the following links

Informational Video ( )

Super Phantom ( )

4 Stroke Phantom ( )

Sun n Fun Pics

Link below for Sun n Fun Pics ( Phantom X-1 with Wankel Rotary Engine )

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