Valley Engineering 4-Stroke

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Hirth F-23

This is the newest powerplant added to our line up. 50HP 2-Stroke.

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Hirth 2702 / 3202

40 HP Hirth 2702 and 50 HP Hirth 3202 engines are utilized on single seat applications.

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Rotx 447/503

40HP Rotax 447 and 50HP Rotax 503 engines are no longer available as new engines. We sometimes run across quality used engines. Overhauls and Parts can be found through Leading Edge Airfoils in Wisconsin

Rotax 582

65 HP Rotax 582's are available as new engines. Currently used on single seat and two seat aircraft.


Less than 40HP. The Kawasaki 440 engine was the original powerplant for the Phantoms. Kawasaki Engines are available through J-Bird Engines