strut braced wings


You can now upgrade your existing Phantom to a strut braced wing. The wing has been load tested to a +9 and -4.5 ultimate load with an 890 lb aircraft. These wings mount to the existing keel tube spar brackets and lower cage spreader bar. No change is required to the lower cage of the aircraft.

This upgrade utilizes components of your existing wing. Wires are removed, wing spars are reinforced, additional strut attachment points are added. Your existing wing and aileron coverings, wing ribs are re-used.


1) Main Wing Struts

2) Jury Struts

3) Front and Rear Spar Upgrades

4) All hardware

This upgrade option adds 39 pounds to the weight of your aircraft. This extra weight is needed to achieve similar strength to that of the wire braced wings.

Wing is offered with round tube struts. Streamline strut upgrade is available.

Installation time is typically 2 - 3 full days. Portions of the installation require two people.


PRICE FOR WING UPGRADE - Call for current pricing.